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About Us

With a passion for Caribbean culture, preserving age-old traditions and honouring home-style infusions, Hibiscus Spirits was born in St Kitts and Nevis with a view to emulate island life while fostering a contemporary craft spirit experience. 


Infusing the delicately handpicked and locally grown Roselle Hibiscus calyx, commonly known as sorrel, flavouring our Hibiscus Coconut RumHibiscus Spiced Rum and Hibiscus Island-Spiced Gin, creating a unique natural red colour and an array of balanced flavours for a thirst-quenching experience like no other. 


Supporting our noble farmers while invigorating a year-round sorrel industry, blending premium house-made extractions into our rums and vapour-infused gin for a decadent cocktail experience. 


Respecting our heritage and remembering how the sugar dynasties impacted our Caribbean islands, leading to the creation of rum which became the pillar of our culture for centuries with our ancestors making their own concoctions and handing down recipes to their children and grandchildren. These same recipes and concoctions are the muses of our inspiration behind the brand. 

With the onset of modern technology our recipes were then refined for the international craft spirits market.


In developing our Hibiscus Coconut Rum and Hibiscus Spiced Rum, no stone was left unturned to ensure only the highest quality ingredients end up in our bottles. 

Seeking the expertise of Jonny Verplanck, one of the top rum specialists in the world, to fine-tune our flavours and create a balanced palate inspiring our rum-lovers to either sip over ice or redefine popular cocktails, ‘shaken over ice’, to achieve nostalgia and a longing for your next Caribbean vacation.


The Hibiscus Island Spiced Gin sets a new precedence of excellence when it comes to floral gins, with a unique seductive scent encompassing the tartness of the Hibiscus and the delicate island spices. Sip your Hibiscus Gin and Tonic (perhaps with a splash of ginger ale or Ting on top) for a refreshing effortless experience.

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